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Spinal Cord Injury & Related Disorders


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    Spine Rehabilitation

    Programs that provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for post-operative patients and individuals who have acute and/or chronic upper or lower back, shoulder or neck pain and discomfort, spinal injuries, disc disorders, or conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis that affect the spine. Treatment may include bracing, injections, manipulation, soft tissue and joint mobilization and manipulation, aerobic conditioning, back care classes, aquatic therapy, and individualized exercise programs that are designed to stretch, strengthen and repair muscles that help to support the back and improve flexibility, stabilization, balance, coordination and overall fitness.

    Statewide and Nationwide

    Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

    Programs that provide inpatient and/or outpatient rehabilitation services which may include medical/physical restoration, physical and occupational therapy, training in the use of adaptive equipment, recreational therapy, psychological counseling, patient and family education services, physical and home management assistance, vocational or school reintegration assistance and other supportive services to help individuals who have become disabled by a spinal cord injury recover from their injuries to the extent that is possible and maximize their potential for independent living.