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Education for Lifelong Health: Good Health and Hygiene Factsheet

The Florida Center for Inclusive Communities (FCIC) recognizes that good health is vital to enjoy all other life activities. People with developmental disabilities often have difficulty accessing appropriate high-quality healthcare oftentimes because health care providers lack training or familiarity with the supports people with developmental disabilities need.

FCIC is addressing this issue by undertaking activities that either a) educate health care providers to be sensitive to the special health needs of people with disabilities or b) assist individuals and their caregivers to be proactive about knowing and communicating their own health needs across their lifespan.

The Education for Lifelong Health: Good Health and Hygiene Factsheet is part of a series of five health factsheets developed for people with mild intellectual disability. The Good Health and Hygiene Factsheet provides information on how to stay healthy including nutrition, exercise, managing stress, routine doctor appointments, and maintaining good personal and dental hygiene. 

You can download additional factsheets on cancer, cancer treatment, diabetes, and osteoporosis.



The Florida Center for Inclusive Communities (FCIC) at the University of South Florida was established in October 2005 through a UCEDD Education, Research, and Service grant award from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities. Through leadership in research and evaluation, theory, policy, capacity building, and practice, the FCIC is committed to developing a range of supports and services in the areas of Community Supports, Early Childhood, Education, Employment, Health, and Interdisciplinary Training.

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