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Virginia Public Defender Commission

1604 Santa Rosa Road, Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23229

(804) 662-7249

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(804) 662-7249

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Also known as Virginia Indigent Defense Commission. All attorneys wishing to represent accused persons who require counsel through court appointment must be certified and included on Virginia Indigent Defense Commission (VAIDC)'s list of qualified attorneys. Our goal is to ensure that every attorney has the time, training, and resources necessary to provide each client with high quality indigent defense services, a necessary component of a fair and reliable criminal justice system.

Each of Virginia's twenty-one Public Defender offices and the three Capital Defender offices have their own policies regarding the use of pro bono volunteers. Please contact the Public Defender or Capital Defender office in which you are interested to determine the needs and policies. To contact a Public Defender's Office for addresses, telephone numbers, click on this link.


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