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Better Business Bureau Metropolitan Washington

1411 K St. NW , 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

(202) 393-8000

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(202) 393-8000

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In addition to the complaint conciliation and public reporting, the Better Business Bureau also provides a wide range of dispute resolution options. These include Customer Care program, and the for-fee Mediation and the Binding Arbitration programs.

Provides consumer pre-purchase information (reliability reports), conciliates consumer complaints, evaluates charities, and provides arbitration in certain consumer disputes. Does not: give legal advice, help to breach or assist in voiding contracts, make collections of any kind, provide credit information, or appraise articles.

24hr/7days/week automatic reporting.

As a rule a BBB Accredited Business report will include general background, complaint history and other pertinent information.

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Alexandria City
Arlington County
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Washington DC

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Automated help line is available 24/7; operators available from 9:30AM-4PM EST

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Judy Tankersley
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